As the dean of the College of Ayurveda at Mount Madonna Institute and Eleni’s direct supervisor for the internship, I can see Eleni’s passion to spread the knowledge and wisdom of Ayurveda. She has already completed the required amount of internship patients and has exceeded the requirements by seeing double the amount of clients that was mandated for the program.

-Cynthia Ambika Copple

ElaAyurveda practices the traditional medicine of India.  I went to see Ela Ayurveda to be more balanced in my body and spirit and I have to say I feel TONS better!  I worked with Eleni, she is great! She provided me with a health and wellness plan specific to my body type.  Check it out for getting yourself back on track or if you have lots of stress.

-Jennifer M.

Eleni is a wonderful yoga instructor who put me at ease; she was very motivational & helpful in my understanding of how to do the positions & she made it easy to adapt everything to our own level…if there was ever any confusion, she happily helped each of us to understand exactly what she was describing.

– Marisa Myer

[Eleni’s course] makes yoga much less intimidating for the new or reluctant student…Everything was just right from a “learn it correctly” point of view, which is what I needed.

-Scott Parker

Eleni has a unique balance of rigor and dedication on the one hand and ease and open-heartedness on the other.

-Kristie Dahlia Home

Eleni is such a joy – the consultation was like having a fun conversation with a friend who happens to be incredibly knowledgeable in Ayurvedic healing and very intuitive. She drew connections between things that have happened in the past year that helped me understand the patterns I’ve fallen into re sleep, diet and overall life balance and gave really easy to understand instructions for how to become more balanced. The only downside is that we didn’t have nearly enough time in an hour to cover all of the things we wanted to talk about :). If you are interested in gaining more insight into how your mind and body relate to each other and understanding how to become more balanced or even just inquire more about the reasons for your behaviors and habits, I highly recommend meeting with Eleni. Looking forward to continuing on my journey!

 -Sena S.

I am so happy to have found Eleni and ElaAyurveda! I am currently trying to become a healthier, happier version of myself and my experience with Eleni has been a big help in that process. She is warm, caring, empathetic and easy to relate to. She gave me many suggestions that were easy to incorporate into my life and gave me room to decide what direction I felt would be best for future consultations. Thanks so much Eleni!

-Lisa M

Eleni’s experience and background complement her practice of ayurveda and inspire a holistic approach to health and healing. She accepts people with an open heart…making suggestions and offering encouragement to support diet and lifestyle changes that…complement their goals. 

-Rachael Bailey

Eleni has learned techniques both in the US and India and her practice is grounded in developing a more intimate mind-body connection through breathing, meditation, and asanas [yoga poses]. Her lessons are deceptively gentle, but they are definitely strong medicine and you will feel results. Her approachable and amiable personality makes her a great teacher for the beginner and her lessons would certainly benefit even the more advanced student of yoga.

-Sarah Nocktonick

[Eleni’s yoga class] is calming, rigorous, [and] invigorating. She has us work hard while keeping us well balanced…Eleni has a very positive attitude.


I was curious about Ayurveda, so I booked a consultation with Eleni. I found that she was easy to talk to, and took the time to explain a lot to me during our meeting. After we met, I received a detailed Wellness Plan, full of suggestions based on our conversation, regarding diet, better sleep suggestions, herbs to try, and more. I would definitely recommend Ela Ayurveda!

-Roxane S.

Working with Eleni these past couple of months had such a positive impact on my overall health and happiness. I left an intense job the same week that I started working with her and she was a tremendous help as I made that transition and started doing freelance work (and pursuing some of my other dreams!). It was super convenient that she would come to my house and I appreciated how well she listened to my needs. I look forward to working with her again in the future!

-Ashley W.

Out of the Pod

Eleni was part of our birth team for our first child, who was born this past May.  We dubbed her our “Ayurvedic Doula”, as she helped support our birth doula team and, most importantly, assisted my wife with massages, pressure points, and other comfort measures, as well as coaching her through the final hours of pushing.  She also provided me with similar comfort measures, as my role in assisting with the birth was far more involved and exhausting than I had bargained for! With her assistance, our daughter was born naturally and is healthy, happy, and thriving. But her role didn’t end there, as Eleni also helped us deal with postpartum issues, including diet, relaxation, and healing techniques, all drawing on her deep knowledge of Ayurveda. It was such a pleasure to share our natural childbirth experience with Eleni, and I would highly recommend her to anyone in search of prenatal, childbirth, or postpartum Ayurvedic consultation. 

-Christopher R.

I recently hired Eleni for her Ayurvedic Doula services, where she supported me at the birth of my second child.  I am so glad that I did! It was by far one of the most important (and wonderful) decisions I made about how I would give birth.  I had a planned C-section with my first baby, so this was a VBAC (vaginal birth after Cesarean) and my first attempt at labor. From our first appointment, Eleni put our whole family at ease.  She easily melded into our family’s vibe, becoming a trusted friend and partner in no time at all. She is knowledgeable, professional, sweet, and approachable, and we enjoyed working with her to clarify our intentions and create a birth plan (and an Ayurvedic postpartum plan).  But I was especially grateful for her support during my labor. She is a person you want with you should you be naked, vulnerable, in pain, and doing something very difficult! Eleni is a very grounded person, and she was incredibly effective in anchoring me through contractions.  She was extremely engaged, supporting me through every contraction with her calming presence, physical touch, and remarkably helpful verbal encouragement. I had an extended (5+hour) pushing stage, and what I remember most was Eleni’s voice during each push. She was unwaveringly attentive, speaking to me through each push in a way that was most encouraging while also helping to direct my efforts, letting me know through her enthusiasm when my pushing was most effective.  Though the nurses and doctors were encouraging me through pushing as well, Eleni’s encouragement was in a whole other ballpark, and I’m not sure I would have been able to finally push the baby out myself without her help. I wholeheartedly recommend her doula services.

 -Jessie R.

Deepening Your Daily Practice

Eleni has created Deepening your Daily Practice to guide people to create a habit of the daily practices they have always wanted to nourish and inspire their lives. During our 1 day retreat we worked together to create a schedule consisting of the activities I want to dedicate time to. I went into it unsure of how impactful it would be because I have pretty regular yoga & meditation practices. I soon realized that this 1 day retreat is much more than mindfulness practices, it was truly dedicated to me & doing exactly what I wanted to do, & it kept me focused enough to actually do those things. The magic of this offering is the structure Eleni creates along with the depth of her experience which allows her to support you in almost any creative or mindfulness practice. I left completely refreshed & much more connected with myself & present with those around me. An unexpected practice that developed was not using my phone on Saturday’s for 3 weeks after the day. Eleni & I have checked in weekly & discussed where I am with my progress; she’s full of creative suggestions for how I can work around limited time or space & still maintain the practices that are important to me. I have my next retreat coming up next weekend & I’m really looking forward to the time to tune into myself & reconnect. 

-Sena Shellenberger

My Practice Day with Eleni was amazing! She did a wonderful job of guiding the day in a mindful and therapeutic way for me. Eleni created and catered a beautiful, focused, and peaceful day for me to relax, practice, and become clearer about things I have wanted to work on. I appreciate the different readings and inspirational quotes she shared with me as well as the journaling work we did together. Eleni’s voice was very soothing; it helped me relax and settle more deeply into my body during the guided meditations and yoga session she led me through. I felt no pressure and completely supported throughout the day. This peaceful and focused feeling stayed with me for many days after, and I felt clearer around many of the things we worked on together. 

-Luisa P.

I did a day long home retreat with Eleni and I can only say good things about her and the retreat. One thing that became so apparent to me as Eleni held space for me to dive into practices and not be disturbed by my usual day to day life, was how exhausted I really was. I usually have huge amounts of energy throughout the day and rush from task to task never really stopping. During this retreat where we really slowed down in a luxurious way, I discovered that my body is so exhausted that I really need to do this sort of thing more often.Eleni created a very safe space and guided me sweetly through the practices I wanted to explore including an hour long art session which was challenging and amazing for me. I highly recommend a home retreat. 

-Manu B.

I never thought about making my home practice into a day long practice, let alone a sangha experience, until I had a day long with Eleni. Working with Eleni was an easy, collaborative experience. We crafted a day where presence was key in all aspects of our activities, and I got to deepen my practice in a relaxed and creative way. 


…That (individualized, guided meditation) was an incredible process. Laid out so beautifully and timed so well. And your soothing voice is just perfect. Well done and very effective!!

-Ron Ogulnick