Ride the waves of grief in a daylong workshop-retreat with supportive company. Explore your emotions, honour the dead, meditate, create, reflect & discuss. Contemplate the life you want to live.



With her [Getting With Death] workshop, Eleni courageously approached a subject that few dare to even think about. This raw and honest experience made my heart open and helped me be present with the thoughts and emotions of myself and the other participants. -Anonymous 

We will support each other for a full day of tending to death. Together we will create a safe container to discuss loss and grief. Mindfulness and visualisation will be used throughout the day to honour our grief, make space for remembering, and to be held by the group in silence. We will use the tools of art and writing to connect to ourselves and the beloved dead.

You will be provided with many post-workshop resources– including a book on financial planning by Libby Palomeque, ”You’re in Charge Now: a Guide to Taking Control of Your Financial Life in a Time of Loss.” As part of our day together, Libby will briefly discuss her process of going through two intense grief periods and how this has strengthened her ability to work with people talking about another “taboo” subject, personal finances.

This all-inclusive retreat is for anyone who has experience death- including, but not limited to, the deaths by miscarriage, infant death, murder, accident, and suicide.

Space is limited. Vegan, gluten-free organic soup & chai will be provided. Please bring other lunch items & snacks to share. Bring two standard letter paper size (8.5/11 inch), black and white photocopied headshot of one of your beloved dead you would like to honour. Bring a comfortable pillow/meditation cushion.


9:45am-5:00 PM

Eleni Gekas, CAP began guiding death retreats after much loss and grief within a short amount of time. She is determined to have others feel supported as they go through their own journeys with death. Eleni combines her many years of meditation, yoga, and elementary school teaching to bring you a day long of contemplation, inspiration, and support.

Elizabeth Palomeque, CFP has always been fascinated by emotions. Libby seeks to address “difficult” topics in an enjoyable, practical manner; her personal goal is that each reader feel they have learned something that is immediately helpful in their financial life. Libby is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, and is a Level II Degriefing practitioner.