What is Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Replenishing?

Restoration is imperative during the postpartum period. Ayurveda has a long-standing tradition of medical guidelines for recuperation. Out of the Pod focuses primarily on in-home Ayurvedic practices for the birthing parent, newborn & community. Together we create a meditative, peaceful and calm relaxing home environment. We follow your natural rhythm with your newborn and watch for cues and patterns to establish deep bonding. We rejuvenate you through the tradition of Ayurvedic cooking, and replenishing massage. I cook personalized Ayurvedic organic meals to promote lactation, prevent colic, bloating, and constipation. Ayurvedic massage can help to stabilizing moods and hormones, and facilitate sleeping patterns. Together we create daily self-care measures to keep you supported for the years to come. 

Working with Eleni was such a worthwhile investment in my current & future well-being, & consequently in my baby’s well-being. I credit so much about the ease of my recovery & my good health to her knowledge & presence. Her food was delicious, the bodywork daily was amazing & her input about babies was priceless! She really helped me protect space for myself & transition slowly & mindfully into this role as a new mother. As a result, I have been able to hold my baby with so much care & love because I felt so cared for by Eleni. I felt so accompanied in creating the kind of sanctuary of peace I wanted for my new family. I credit Eleni a great deal for the ways we are all thriving – she helped us create a solid foundation starting from early postpartum days. She was right there with us starting the day after bringing my daughter home. It was so relieving to rely on her as part of our care team. -A.A.

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