Deepening Your Daily Practice

How do I “deepen”? Through consistent support, re-affirming dedication, & accountability.

What is a daily practice? An every day disciplined cultivation of intention including: yoga, mindfulness, self-care & creativity

Deepening Your Daily Practice will encourage you to keep on-going practice in your home. 

Receive consistent support from me to reaffirm your dedication and intention with accountability to keep you on-track of your practice goals. Once a month, we will have Practice Days– half-day retreats with me, where we will dedicate time to doing the activities you would like to incorporate into your daily life including: yoga, mindfulness, self-care and creativity. You will receive on-going support afterwards depending on which program is appropriate for you at the time.

Bring healthy habits home that nourish and inspire your life.

I just did a day long retreat with Eleni. She is kind, playful, loving, and deeply committed to the creating safe & nurturing experiences for people to reconnect with themselves at a body, heart & energetic level. She clearly has extensive personal & professional experience -bringing a vast skill & knowledge set on disciplines that support wellbeing. I especially appreciated her ability to meet each participant at the retreat where we were at -tailoring the experience to match our own experience & needs of the day. And her cooking is seriously UNPARALLELED! The lunch she lovingly prepared was one of the most flavorful, nourishing & grounding meals I’ve ever had. And she shared the process &ingredients with us, which I also appreciated. I’m not sure I could ever reproduce the mind-blowing bites that she managed to prepare, but it’s fun to think about trying -& using the principles of Ayurveda to balance my own cooking. Thank you Eleni! Looking forward to my next retreat under your loving hands! -Vanessa V.